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Moab, Utah - White Wash Sand Dunes : 2003-04-15

After Troy had a hissy fit when we left the mini-dune on Poison Spider, we all decided we'd spend some time finding the dunes we had heard of near Moab. I knew there were some South of town, but after talking to a guy at the gas station Tuesday morning, he suggested we go North and find the White Wash Dunes.

We headed out of town and as we were rolling along, we decided to pull through the camp grounds and see if anyone wanted to tag along. Scott and Christina were sitting around bored off their asses. Since his truck was all jacked and nobody had open seats that day, they kinda got ditched. Nobody should be forced to sit around camp all day!! We loaded em up and drug em along for our dune search.

Lemme tell you what, it was a MUCH longer drive than I thought it would be. It rained on us pretty good on the dirt road you take to find this place.. and it got pretty soupy for a while there. The blue Zuk had 4 monster rooster tails coming off it.. chunks of mud flying everywhere.. sliding sideways all over the place.. not being able to see crap out the milky colored gloss on the front window.. sweet!

We finally found this place after about an hour+ driving time. I'm used to Glamis.. so I wasn't terribly impressed. Troy went crazy. He thought this sand crap was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I tried giving him some pointers to get him headed the right direction.. but he was already gone. Overall, definitely worth the trouble of finding.. we all had a great time.. even if that only consisted of watching Troy be an idiot in the sand.

He swears he won't miss the next trip to Glamis. Good thing sand is forgiving...

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